Why Virtu Is Better.

Wood science. The point where technology meets craft. This is where Virtu lives. This is what goes into three-layer, True Balanced Construction. Wood science is why Virtu is the Finest Wide Plank Floors Made In America. This is how we roll to make Virtu better and better.


AA Studio: Williamsburg Design Studio

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AA Studio, a global design firm, opened their new studio in Williamsburg in  2012. We recently returned to visit this highly respected team of international designers, planners and real estate entrepreneurs now comfortably settled in their Brooklyn studio which was designed as an adaptive use project from a former mechanical garage. Entrenched and engaged as key participants in a host of projects, we were happy to see that Virtu’s 8”’ plain sawn white oak flooring was wearing well. We dare you to see if you can find where the water leak occurred last winter! Outstanding performance in the face of unforeseen problems is one of the reasons Virtu Floors are THE choice for 3 layer beautiful wide plank floors.

Click to read about AA Studio’s work in the November issue of Metropolis.

This is a true Genius Bar (and Restaurant)

This is a true Genius Bar (and Restaurant)

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CafeArtScience just opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts. brainchild of Harvard professor David Edwards and French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. It is a bar and restaurant committed to exploring new frontiers in the sensorial aspects of cuisine. From the interior design to the food to the beverages, the restaurant is an innovative exploration of the future of food ‘with an eye toward better, healthier, sustainable living” – a bridge between  science lab, art gallery and literary café. We are honored that our 7” plain sawn white oak flooring was chosen for Café ArtScience by Brown Fenollosa Architects. We manufacture our floors using an innovative, 3-layer method that marries the best of the past techniques and the best of the future.

Click to view more photos.

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